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Ceiling Fans Buyers Guide

When choosing a ceiling fan it is important to remember that it is more relaxing to run a larger fan on a slower speed than a smaller fan on high speed.

Sizes range from 36”/91cm to 54”/137cm in diameter to suit any installation.

The fan size guide below suggests the fan size most appropriate for an installation.

Room Size
Fan Size
12ft x 12ft (3.65m x 3.65m)      
 36’’/42’’ (91cm/107cm)
15ft x 12ft (4.57m x 3.65m) 42’’/52’’ (107cm/132cm)
20ft x 14ft (6.10m x 4.27m) 52’’ (132cm)
25ft x 12ft (7.62m x 3.65m) 2x42’’ (107cm) or 1x52’’ (132cm)

This size guide is based on rooms with ceilings of 8ft/2.43m. For rooms with higher ceilings a drop rod should be used to drop the fan down to 8ft/2.43m above the floor. Should the room have abnormal heat conditions go to the next fan size up in relation to the information above.

We do not recommend the use of a 36” fan in a conservatory, as it would not be sufficient to affect the build up of heat that a conservatory creates.  A conservatory installation may require a drop rod and conversion kit. A drop rod and conversion kit can be ordered separately for flush mounted fans.

Other useful information

Fan blades:
Fantasia fan blades are available in many different finishes. They can be swapped within each range. Often there is a different finish on the reverse side of the blade. The blade can be attached either way up to complement different interiors.

Conversion kits:
Flush mounted fans can be converted to drop mount by using a conversion kit and drop rod.

Our fans run from standard lighting wiring (two core and earth). If you wish to install a double wall control then three core and earth wiring is required.

We recommend installation is carried out in accordance with National Electrical Codes. The fixing point for the ceiling fan must be strong enough to hold 10 times the fan’s stationary weight. Minimum ceiling height for fan installation is 2.30m.
Ensure there is at least 20cm between the fan blade and any obstruction.

Remote control:
This is a popular way of controlling our ceiling fans and lights. The remote control consists of a handset and receiver and can be installed in any of our fans. You can even retrofit the remote. The remote control cannot be used in conjunction with a wall control.

 If you need further technical assistance or advice on any aspect of selecting your ceiling fan, please contact us.


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