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Kirkpatrick Ironmongery

Kirkpatrick 5005 Beetle Boot Remover Antique Black

Product Code: MSMM9013DB
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The Beetle Boot Remover 9 1/2" x 5" Black Ironwork. This cute Englist-made Beetle will assist you in the removal of your boots. You simply hold down the beetle with one foot and hook the other boot between the antenna. Hey presto! Your boot pulls off easily!

Kirkpatrick Ltd is the last remaining foundry in the UK that genuinely pours their own metal and produces the highest quality traditional black handmade ironmongery. They use malleable iron as it is stronger and more durable than imported alternatives. Care instructions are included with each product that should ensure your Kirkpatrick Ironmongery will last a lifetime. Broughtons is immensely proud to be a leading UK stockist of this fine quality range of ironwork and we have almost all of the Kirkpatrick range on display in our showrooms and in stock in the black finish (other finishes to order). For any enquiry please do not hesitate to contact us on 0116 2341888, email or chat with us online.

Product Code: MSMM9013DB