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Art Nouveau Rectory Door Knobs Renovated Brass

Product Code: DFMK7050REN
£48.00 pair (inc VAT)

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A pair of Art Nouveau swirl shaped and rather unusual solid brass door knobs to stand out from the crowd. These knobs also give extra leverage to operate the door latch more easily which can be useful particularly if you have weak or arthritic hands.
As with all door knobs, a deep mortice latch is required; ideally 4" or over. This keeps your knuckles well clear of the door frame as you enter the room or when you pull the door closed behind you as you exit the room.
These eye-catching door knobs will suit both mortice locks (and latches) as well as Rim Locks (and latches). For rim locks, simply discard one of the backplates (roses).
Supplied complete with matching fixing screws and the Allen key to secure the knobs to the square 8mm spindle.
This beautiful design is similar to a design that is seen in a 1910 rare priced catalogue that we have in our possession. The page is headed: "High Class Lock Furniture". Priced at 5 shillings and 9 pence (26p)per pair!
These can be used in place of ordinary door knobs or indeed on a new installation.
Renovated brass is a living finish that is produced by hand specifically to give the appearance of a lovingly restored original item. Recesses are darker as they would typically be harder to polish, larger surfaces are more polished and shinier. It is unlacquered so it will oxidise as it is exposed to the air and it will mellow and develop a rich patina with age and use. It can be polished to achieve a lighter brighter finish or left to age. This natural ageing combined with the hand crafted nature of the finish means that there may be differences in colour and detail. This all adds to the beauty, character and individuality of each product. Do bear this in mind if you are buying items over a period of time.
Knob: 87mm x 33mm overall
Backplate (Rose): 63mm
Projection: 61mm
Knob: 87mm x 33mm overall
Backplate (Rose): 63mm
Projection: 61mm
Product Code: DFMK7050REN