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Lichfield Door Bell Pull Aged Nickel

Product Code: DFBP2003NP
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The Lichfield mechanical bell pull is crafted from solid brass and was modelled on a Victorian pull so it looks really authentic. The pull (fitted externally) is supplied with a cleverly designed return spring that helps the pull to return to the start position after it has been pulled by the visitor. The bell pull with the spring detailed does not suit single brick walls.
The pull is supplied with what is called a return pulley that fits on the inside of the house. This centralises the cord over the hole to minimise the chance of fraying of the cord around the hole (that is drilled to suit the cord).
At the top of the pull, you will see a pulley wheel which changes the direction of the cord to the hole in the wall.
For detailed installation instructions, please click here.
Overall height: 830mm
Width: 125mm
Blanking pulley: 60mm diameter
Product Code: DFBP2003NP