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Heritage Brass

Heritage Twist T-Bar Cabinet Knob FB399 Black Iron Rustic

Product Code: MSCB2459
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Heritage twist design cabinet knob in Black Iron Rustic finish is created using traditional sand-casting methods to create contemporary designs, this range of malleable iron hardware is unique, combining rustic charm with current trends. Regularly removing dirt and watermarks with a non-abrasive cloth will help maintain the life of this finish. Exposure to humidity will cause the product to rust so external fittings will benefit from an occasional wiping over with a lightly oiled cloth and a period light oiling of springs and moving parts. If the decorative material shows signs of chipping, remove any flaking or loose paint, making sure the surface is dry and grease free, then spot the affected area with enamel paint. e.g. Humbrol or similar.
Weight: 0.05kg
Length: 44mm
Projection: 28mm

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Product Code: MSCB2459