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Butler or Housekeepers Bell with Lady Renovated Brass

Product Code: MSBL2002RENLD
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This solid brass butlers or housekeepers bell is a mechanical spring bell for use with an external bell pull. The rosette is decorated with the head of a lady and it is a faithful reproduction of an original Victorian design. The polished brass finish gives the delightful appearance of being renovated as its patina has darker areas in the recesses.
It is supplied complete with pulleys and 4m of cord and the oak pattress shown. When the cord is pulled an arm attached to the spring on the bell is pulled to make it ring. The pulleys are used to guide the cord from the outside wall to the bell inside. An extension pulley guides the cord and a directional pulley allows the cord to make a 90 degree turn to connect to the arm on the bell spring.
You may require a blanking pulley (sometimes supplied with the external bell pull) to cover the hole where the pull cord exits the wall from the external pull rod.
Height: 230mm; Width: 160mm; Projection: 120mm
Product Code: MSBL2002RENLD